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Warning: Contains a lot of weird cats.


Epic art by epic people :iconepicplz:




So um, my computer's kind of broken. lD

I can't really do digital art without it overheating, but I'm drawing a lot of traditional stuff! I'll try to post them, but the scanner's broken so the picture quality will suck. Sorry!
tGB-Chione Ref by Shoeboo
tGB-Chione Ref
Author's Note: I know she won't be able to rejoin for a while because Air-Tribe is closed, but it makes me so happy seeing her uploaded and as an orange. ;v;


Name: Chione (Key-own or Key-own-ee)

Kit Name: Nascha (Nosh-ah)

Nick-Names: Nassie (Given by Linken), Pipsqueak (those she fought as a loner, she will fly off the handle if you call her that)

Gender: Female

Age: 18+ moons of age

Breed: Egyptian Mau x Oci Cat mix (Mother) X Chausie x Siberian (Father)

Key Features:
:bulletwhite: Long neck fur, Lean body, feathery tail

Tribe: Air-Tribe

Tattoo: Orange-Air

Profession: Warrior

Past Mentor: Seraphiel

Apprentice: None yet

Soulbound: None yet

Ability: Primary


Whisper of the wind
You have a high awareness of the wind's movements, scent, the sounds it is carrying, giving you an advantage when it comes to the awareness of your surroundings.


Spark 1
A little spark emerges from your fur. It doesn't hurt much and requires quite a bit of energy to cast. It would be enough to start a fire in dry wood or similar things though.


Spark 2
You can now cast a stronger spark that actually hurts a bit with less effort.

You are able to call forth a little breeze of wind, which requires a lot of energy in calling it forth and controlling. Be careful what you call forth, even if the breeze is not very strong.


Spark 3
The spark you can cast is now able to burn skin directly and hurts quite a lot. If right spots are hit, nerves could spasm from the electric shock.


You can call forth a bigger force of wind now, which is navigatable with a lot of effort. Not quite enough to blow a cat off its feet but enough to stagger.


Breath 2
A bigger navigatable force that requires less energy now. You can knock another cat off its paws with a direct hit.


Using air and electric forces, you will be able to hover above the ground for a bit, being able to run freely without caring for the grounds attributes.


Whirlwind 1
You can create a small spiral of air which can pick up small objects and throw them else where, however it's draining and can get out of control for a short amount of time.


Whirlwind 2
You can call forth a bigger spiral of air force using a lot of energy which can grow bigger. It will have its own will, so be very careful what you cast. Only navigatable with the assistance of a soulbond.


Lightning conductor 1
You may now manipulate the direction and flow of electricity through conducting materials like water and metals.


( Bold| Friendly | Loyal | Clingy |Superstitious ///// Insecure | Lonely | Scared )

Bold: Chione has become increasingly bold as she aged from adolescence to adulthood. Her time as a loner also served as a kindle to her fire. Unlike how she was as a kit, she tries harder to stick up for herself and make other's not pick on her. This also includes her sense of humor and the way she interacts with others. She has been trying harder to interact with others and gain more friendships. Chione hopes to one day be truly bold and not be putting on an act for others.

Friendly: Chione is a friendly cat. She tries to strike up conversations with others. Despite any outward rashness, she strives to not offend others, unless they offend her or her family. Striking up conversation is seemingly easy for the young cat, being able to slide easily from topic to topic at the snap of a finger. Because of her loneliness, Chione tries hard to often talk to other's, trying to cure herself of that undesirable trait.

Loyal: Chione is an incredibly loyal cat, and this doesn't necessarily apply to her tribe. Of course like any other member of her tribe, she is loyal, but this degree of loyalty is focused more on her relationships with others. Chione's main loyalty is to her family. She is willing to lay her life down for any of her siblings or her parents. This also applies to friends, and once she trusts you enough her loyalty will be unbreakable and unyielding.

Clingy: Once Chione's bond with one cat is strong enough, she becomes incredibly clingy. Chione's desire for contact and warmth pushes aside and awkwardness that would normally come from practically clinging to a cat. The clinginess also applies to an emotional context. Chione fears abandonment, so when she becomes close to a cat she tries hard to keep them from abandoning her, although her clinginess might just be the problem that pushes a cat away.

Supersticious: Chione's always been afraid of spirits and the unknown. And no, not THE Spirits. Chione is extremely paranoid of the paranormal, and is rendered incapable of speaking even from the tiniest scuffle of noise in the night. Events that are un-explainable also scare her immensely, no matter how insignificant they may seem. *will be elaborated on through rps*

Not Shown:

Insecure: Chione is an extremely insecure individual. Despite how bold and confident she acts out loud, even the slightest word against her is a bash against her self esteem. Teasing that to most was considered childish started this, and as she grew older loneliness and quarreling with her sister caused her self esteem to plummet even more. As a loner, she was forced to keep her confidence high in order to prevent more fights, but when she returned to the tribe's whatever barrier she had built up broke again.

Lonely: Chione has always been a lonely cat. When she was younger, talking didn't come easy, so making friends was difficult. Despite living in a full tribe and having many, many siblings, nothing seemed to squash this lingering loneliness. She met a couple of cats and hopes to further those friendships, and maybe even one day try for companionship to expunge the loneliness.

Scared: Chione, frankly, is much more afraid then she lets on. She was always scared, or at least nervous, even when she was a wee kit. Chione has many fears, and some, however silly,  are enough to shut her down. When she left Air-Tribe temporarily, her fears escalated immensely, potentially from the thought of not having her family. No matter how much she tried to rid herself of fear, it's always there. *Will be elaborated on also*

Li'l Bits:

:bulletwhite: She has a collection of oddities, like weird shells and gems that she hopes to convert to jewelry one day.

:bulletwhite:She is a good mix between her mom and dad. Her pelt is mostly like her father's, but her body shape is mostly like her mother's. As she aged, her markings have become darker, more a grey then silver.

:bulletwhite: She creates a mixture for her hair that spikes it. It's pretty flat naturally.

:bulletwhite: Despite being a rather gentle cat, she is actually ferocious in battle.

:bulletwhite: She is heterosexual and likes cats who look not necessarily handsome, but powerful in her eyes. She wants a cat who's fluffy and would protect her but not coddle her.

:bulletwhite: Chione, for some reason, doesn't retain heat well, so she can be seen shivering in 15 degree C weather.

Brief Backstory:

   Nascha was born to Black-Water Sooka and Yellow-Air Seraphiel. She, along with her 3 siblings, 2 brothers and a sister were born outside the Tribes, away from all their mother ever knew. For a while, despite the education of their mother, young Nascha was lost to the Tribe Life. She didn't seem to understand the complex codes and explanations that her mom was describing to her. But, despite this, their life was fine and simple, full of love. After a certain point though, when the kits were starting to grow older, were told they were to go to the tribes as soon as their tattoos would show. Nascha awaits the day in nervousness but with excitement. Finally, their tattoos peaked grey against their fur. Shock and unhappiness was what greeted Nascha, hoping to be in the same tribe as her mom. Instead, she was gifted with the tribe of Air.

Soon after their tattoos showed, Sooka and two of her siblings left for the tribe's. For a couple of moons, Altair and Nascha traveled around with their aunt and uncle, waiting till the time was right to join. Eventually, Nascha left for the tribe's, leaving Altair behind. She arrived at Air-Tribe, where she learned about her father. Her father was the deputy of the tribe, much to her shock. Her tattoo faded to pink and her true name was whispered in her ear, dubbing her as Chione. She was apprenticed to her father and began to train as a warrior apprentice.

Her first six moons of training passed easily. Of course, there were complications, such as the drought and sandstorm that swept through Nandryx. It was then that she earned her first scar; a cut upon her cheek. When the storm and rain of dead prey was over, Chione was relieved. That time was horrible. A little while later, her tattoo began to fade to orange. She was an adolescent! Training grew more strenuous, but Chione excelled. Despite her small frame, fighting came naturally to the dark female. Her time as an adolescent was simple and problem free.

When her tattoo faded to orange, that was when the problems started. Her mom had recently bore a fresh litter of kits, and Chione's stress was mounting higher and higher. Eventually, she snapped and fled the tribe's, overwhelmed by everything. She scratched her skeletal winged tattoo lightly, leaving minor flesh wounds that were sure to scar over. It was then that she left Air-Tribe, hoping to find solace in the life of a loner. It was only a couple of moons after she left that she realized that it wasn't ever what she wanted. Her loneliness hurt her like a thorn, and the constant struggle for food left her scrawny. Worst of all, though, was the ache of missing her family.

She continued living as a loner for not much longer before she knew it was time to return. She had reconciled with her mistakes in her mind, and desperately sought out for Air-Tribe, hoping they'd take her back. Luckily, her wish was granted and she was welcomed back into the tribe, but all her happiness came crashing down when she realized her Father had been kidnapped. Chione now lives in the tribe's, hoping her dad will come back soon.


Parents: Sooka x Seraphiel

Sister(s): Orange-Water Larka, Pink-Water Quesnel, Pink-Air Ellie, Pink-Shadow Aniu

Brother(s): Green-Air Linken, Green-Earth Anix, Blue-Earth Dexter, Blue-Shadow Uriel



Roleplay Example:
{ Chione / Pink-Orange Air / The Stepping Stones }

At Shade's question about her being allowed to say these things, she shrugged indifferently. "You don't seem like the type to go back and tell everyone what I told you today." she explained, voice relatively casual, "Plus, it's general information. Most older cats already know this, so it's nothing new. And we're not really enemies, I suppose." she finished, her voice thoughtful. As he admitted to being more curious about her lands, she perked up a bit, "Unfortunately, it wouldn't be possible for you to come on our lands, but they're not really special." she admitted, shrugging, "Fire-Tribe's lands are probably more fascinating then our flat-lands." Chione grinned as he said he can mask his emotions well, and watched as his expression went blank. Chione shrugged again, grinning, "I can, I just chose not to." Her joyous expression faded into one that was blank and simply devoid of emotion. Her eyes were blank as she watched him, before she said, "Sure, I'm excited to show you." in that terribly blank voice, before she allowed the grin back onto her face.

Chione bounded over to the river bank and tugged a piece of driftwood out of the bank with her teeth. She dragged it to an area that was a fair distance away from Shade, not wanting any mistakes to risk his health. She sat the driftwood up and stepped back, staring at the wood with such intensity one could think that she could burn a hole in it. Slowly, the tattoo on her shoulders lit up and created a unique array on her face, causing her eyes to glow creepily. Suddenly, the ozone in the air seemed to intensify significantly. Before one could even blink, electricity arched in the air and struck the wood with enough force to leave a terrible hole in it. If the wood hadn't been so damp, it might've caught fire. Chione narrowed her glowing eyes before she deactivated her tattoo. Chione grinned, glancing back at him. "Anything else you wish for me to show you?" she asked, bounding over to him happily.</b></b>
Bae by Shoeboo
horrible picture sorry.

I was bored.


Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
Hi there, I'm Shoeboo otherwise known as Snowy, Shoe, Snow, and even Shorty. I'm a young artist who mainly focuses on cats. Umm, I'm 13 and hope to get somewhere with my art even if it's hard. I like to Rp, which is a given considering I'm in way too many rp groups but eh.

Requests: Closed
Art Trades: Closed

Point commissions: Open

I will draw anything but humans. It's a name your price sort of thing though.

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